rupaul still hates latinos

 by mattmcgotty

  Any queer in the know is aware of the monstrosity that is RuPaul’s personality. As goes with any celebrity whose gimmick is their radiant positivity, it is only natural that there is a much more sinister side concealed within. This is the same person who felt gay men’s mockery of femininity through drag was more effective than any woman ever. Not to mention the comparison of gender reassignment surgery to steroid usage in the Olympics. The cherry on top of this whole scandal was his Twitter apology that featured an abstract train landscape art piece opposed to the trans flag; talk about trailblazing.

Realistically, there is nothing separating 21st century RuPaul from Ellen apart from his bald-headed ass and penis. Both pioneers in the 90’s for making straight people just comfortable  enough to take them seriously while keeping them just out of reach to ensure neither would try to slip a finger in any hole on their body. That, and their pantsuit dancing will always lean towards slightly uncanny. 

However, one thing that has always been bizarre about RuPaul since his reality TV competition aired in 2009 was his utterly unhinged treatment towards the Latino drag queens that has not aged well in the slightest. There were no shortages of Puerto Rican talent since the first season and, given that English was not their first language, there were multiple moments that got lost in translation.

One of RuPaul’s favorite types of “jokes” feature said Puerto Rican queens “leaning” into their difficulties with the English language by making that the entire joke. Now growing up, children are taught to laugh with people, never at them. This is a lesson Miss Paul evidently missed in her development considering the violence that which she would cackle at the poor contestants fighting to survive another challenge that requires a complete mastery in the nuances of American improvisation and character portrayal. The turbulence of struggling to garner the attention of a sixty-year-old man built like a Dum Dum on his own show while holding 100,000 dollars over your head requires a level of nerve far too unimaginable for the average American.

But if it gets the job done, why question it in the first place? We are dealing with one seven-foot tall glamazon acting under the guise of judge, jury, and executioner. And what mother says goes. There is something to be said that in the twenty United States season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, the single Latino winner made mention to her heritage one time through a joke about housekeeping, but maybe the lesson at hand is to be a native English speaker. Clearly, we are severely lacking in the opinions of people who speak English, 

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