playlist for developing a god complex

by emmaburns

Recently I discovered that if you sit down and decide to develop a god complex for yourself, even if it’s a mostly ironic decision, it is very possible that you will in fact end up with one. In light of this finding, here are some of the songs that helped me on my journey to a healthy dose of self-absorption. You know, in case any of you are interested in repeating the experiment. 

Call This # Now- The Garden 

Sam Stillman

To start us off, a song from a band whose song’s I have been consistently listening to since March of 2020 but only just figured out that they were all from the same band like a month ago. This song is perfect for when you need a reminder that most people suck and you’re just built better. 

Tia Tamera- Doja Cat, Rico Nasty 

You’re so sexy, you’re so cool, everyone you come in contact with is in lust with you. Manifest it with this banger. Honestly, Doja deserves an award for the intro alone. 

Seether- Veruca Salt

Stop smothering your inner feral bitch, it’s 100% cooler of you to constantly be on the verge of fighting someone. Rage is hot babe. 

STFU!- Rina Sawayama 

This song is really good for revenge fantasies of all kinds. Of course, you’ll never actually say this to that one person you’re thinking of (that would be rude) but it is pretty fun to imagine putting duck tape over their mouth. 

Comeback Kid- Sleigh Bells

Alright, I know getting out of bed is hard sometimes, but let this song push you into doing it anyway. Listen away and imagine any task you complete to be on the same level as Rocky on the top of the stairs. 


Be like Faye Valentine and embrace the hot, smart, idiot you were always meant to be. 

Sacrifice- The Weeknd

You’re a sleazy, cocky drag racer from the ’80s. You’ve got some kind of death wish and your inevitable demise will happen in the sickest way possible, leaving thousands in mourning. Tik Tok alt boys wish they could be you. 

Shook- Tkay Maidza

Everyone wants to get with you, babe. Sorry, I don’t make the rules, I just enforce them. 

Immaterial- SOPHIE

Throw in a little existentialism to spice things up. What makes you special is your essence, your vibes. Examine your existance and determine that everyone is better off because you are here. 

Alone, Omen 3- King Krule

Even gods feel down every now and then. Just remember that yeah you fucking rule, and also, that what truly makes life exciting is realizing just how interconnected we all are. The real God Complex was the love we give and receive all along. 

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