best places to not know how to wear a mask

by haileyivey

the fish bowl …
okay yeah, all of these are going to be in the davis center. i’m not sure what’s going on in there, maybe it’s the amount of underclassman but there is no need to wear a mask properly in there. the fishbowl, being close to the eating areas, is somehow an eating area itself. but no one’s really eating in there. just chilling mask off or nose out with the laptop open accompanied by 6 of your closest friends. 

davis atrium…
that sitting area on the bottom floor of the davis center will scare me forever. i don’t really know why that’s a good place to hangout, so i assume people sit there to rest on their long walk back to the dorms, and of course, this makes it a good place to let your pores breath! let me see that face 

the williams vestibule…
the perfect place to shed your mask or keep it half on. like this is technically outside right? right??

is the stair way even real? if answer if answer is no or you’re confused by this i guess we can pull the mask down 

.. bathrooms??
okay i’m actually mad about this one guys stop it please

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