movie make out? where’s the line

by katlipari

Today we shall explore the question: “where is the line?” In reference to what you ask? What type of movie is off limits for a make out sesh. What genre begs the question, is this appropriate? 

On one end of the spectrum of uncomfiness we have children’s movies, Pixar and Disney type of movies. Making out during Mulan seems a bit distasteful, but Hercules? I can let that slide. Lady and the Tramp? Sure, Pocahontas? Maybe not. I am sure you have a particular children’s movie in mind that you are questioning so let me rattle off a few:

claire fagan
  • Toy Stories 1, 2, and 4: If that’s what you like
  • Toy Story 3: Never
  • Up: What are you sick? God no!
  • Wall-E: Why not
  • Zootopia: For sure
  • Bambi: Is this a serious question? No no no
  • Frozen: Go for it
  • Brother Bear: nope
  • Peter Pan: Yes
  • Robots: No, solely because you should be paying attention to the movie the entire time that movie is so fucking funny

Moving on to another genre we have holiday movies. Christmas movies are usually a no go, especially Hallmark movies, maybe Die Hard is okay. Home Alone 4 definitely because that movie is so god awful it ruins the entire Home Alone franchise. Valentine’s Day movies I think are pretty obvious one, go wild. Halloween movies can be tricky, is it a horror movie? If so then for sure! Is it a movie about Halloween? Tread lightly. There shall be no smooching during Halloweentown

A niche category that I have many feelings about is adult animated films. Something like Sausage Party for example. At that point I think there is a bigger issue at hand if you are watching Sausage Party with a significant other. I think it is pretty clear that you cannot make out to The Simpsons Movie and there are somethings you might need to reevaluate if you are asking “can I make out to The Simpsons Movie?”

Now here is a tough one: documentaries. Nature documentaries seem fine, a little strange, but okay. But what about historical documentaries? I think making out to Crip Camp is off putting. Fyre: The Greatest Party that Never Happened is acceptable, Abducted in Plain Sight? Not so much.

Finally, I would like to define the one type of movie that should never ever be made out to, Adam Sandler movies. Can you imagine having a moment with your significant other and Adam interrupts with “TODAY JUNIOR.” Humiliating. 

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