man grounded at age 22 for spending $200 on magic: the gathering cards

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It’s been a weird return to Burlington. This semester is already dragging on and now we leave the comfort and joy of a week away from class to return to Burlington’s annual desolate tundra. Despite this dreary return causing me to bear a cold heart, it was warmed by a serious of discord messages received from a friend on this past Tuesday, it said: 

ben duhamel

“I got yelled at by my mom cause I spent like $200 on magic cards last month. She called my spending ‘unhinged’, and that I need to learn to be an adult. And how to save.


I’m grounded. At 22.

So that’s epic.”

And you know what? That’s some of the funniest shit I ever god damn heard. I was so compelled by this interaction that I wanted, nay needed to know more. I sat and interviewed my friend and here is what I found out:

 Why would anyone spend $200 on magic cards? 

Why? Because it’s fun. There’s some pretty cool pre-constructed decks that are ready to play right out of the box, and I wanted to upgrade some of my other pre-esisting decks. It’s a fun hobby, and it’s great to hang out with friends and play some games. The spending was also done over the course of 3 weeks, it wasn’t like one big splurge spree.

Beyond that, how would one’s mother know or care what a 22 year old person does with their own money?

My mom can view my bank account, has been able to since I was 16, I pay my car and phone bills and am responsible yet she hovers all my expenses. But apparently I have to stop my “gambling addiction” and grow up.

What’s your favorite non-chocolate candy?

100% swedish fish. Love them fish.

If granted $200 more dollars today, would you use it to buy more magic cards?

I would absolutely spend $200 on magic the gathering so fast if granted money. I actually just took out 60 bucks from by account to buy sleeves and cards at my local game store.

What are sleeves?

They’re protective sleeves, gotta put some mf card sleeves on da cards so they stay nice and safe and drippin.

What are the impacts the grounding has had on your life? Are you barred from any activities?

Zero, I literally just leave the house and she goes “:(“, I’m technically not supposed to game or hang with the homies or my gf, but I do so anyways.

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