civil unions > marriage

by danelibler

Thank god for Civil unions because 

When I fantasize 

of my professor, above the age’o 65, 

Downed in lace or leather chaps 

I still retain thy holy crest 

My religious morals remain in the clear

For when her partner finds me


god staring down my rear.  

I quell her tears 

with a cum soaked sneer 

Just to say, 

“Why do you cry? She is not your dear.”

For when they fell 

down love’s blasphemous hole,

Marriage by law required a male and female.


Thank god for Civil Unions. 

No harlot like me does dare

Beseech the sanctity 

Of gods divine unity 

The big man upstairs calls… 

holy matrimony. 

Thank god, 

I love god. and god loves dykes. 

Because he gifted us civil unions 

But like eve we did bite.

We won the mealy marriage- 

We settled for the straight.

But I thank god,

 that when this pussy gets ate 

She is not married. 

And I still remain a saint.

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