sugar daddy wanted!

by lucypowell

Hello Reader! I am in desperate need of some extra money and attention. I have concluded the most efficient way for me to get these things is to get a sugar daddy. With that being said, I have a short list of requirements for my newer lover! If you know anyone who fulfills these, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


  1. Must be able to dazzle me with his glowing looks and charming (but stern) personality.  
  2. Preferably must have brown hair, golden eyes, stand at 6’2”, and be as pale as snow.  
  3. I need him to thirst for me. 
  4. Must be old, preferably 108 ish years old, give or take a few.
  5. He must possess the ability to read my mind and always know what I am thinking. As if my thoughts were his.
  6. Must be athletic, strong, fast, and have sharp senses. 
  7. He must enjoy the silly things like life; like playing baseball in the rain. 
  8. Must be musically inclined; bonus points if it’s the piano.
  9. Obviously, it would be awesome if he had an enormous, never ending supply of money.
  10. Must give me cute nicknames like Spider Monkey. 

Please lmk if you or anyone you know fits this description!!! <3

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