my roommates interesting choice in music

by lucypowell

I am really hoping that trading spaces are still accepting requests because one of my roommate’s music choices is starting to worry me. Like I don’t want to judge someone based on their music taste, but sometimes a red flag can’t be ignored.

 It all began last week when my roommate Meredith and I were browsing through spotify and stumbled upon the section where you can see what your friends are listening to. Just to be silly, goofy, we took a look at what our third roommate, Anna, was listening to! She was listening to a “frat house hype up” playlist… it was noon on a Monday. Immediately this struck us as a red flag.

I would personally describe Anna as a gentle creature, who is fond of reading books and drinking piping hot cups of coffee. She reminds me of a cozy fall morning with her curly brown hair and wholesome cat slippers, so why she was listening to FRAT hype up music was beyond me! I totally understand listening to a playlist like this every once and awhile, but I don’t know how I feel about starting my week off with it. 

Then, Anna took a full turn and started listening to a “Women Pwr” playlist! Now this is something I can support. I am assuming that this playlist indulged in some Beyonce, Dua Lipa, maybe some Gaga, and obi. some Doja Cat. Interestingly, she also told me the same day she was listening to this, that she had been searching for a TikTok sound on spotify but couldn’t find it! She was very distraught, so I now ask for your help! If anyone knows where I can find a copy of the sounds that goes, “I am woman/ I am fearless/ I am sexc/ I’m divine”, please text Anna at 867-5309.

As the week progressed, I found myself concerned with her behavior as she was listening to the epic song “Jordan Belford” by Wes Walker and Dyl. Now I can’t criticize her for this choice because I too indulge in this song from time to time. But my worries arose as I realized Spotify notified me she was listening to this song multiple times throughout the subsequent week. Anna was specifically playing this song moments before going to Sweetwaters, so now I will forever associate the two. 

Lastly, Anna was listening to “Double Trouble” from the Harry Potter films…. The song that goes “Double, double toil and trouble/ Fire burn and cauldron bubble”. I wish I could say this was shocking but it’s not. I would consider everyone I live with to be big fans of the Harry Potter series, but that still doesn’t justify listening to this strange song multiple times through the week. 

Anyway, I’ll make sure to keep updating everyone with her music choices over Thanksgiving break; I’m scared to see which playlist she chooses for T-day dinner… my bet is on the “frat hype up”.

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