i am the perfect height

by lucypowell

I have recently discovered that I am the perfect height. Standing at a staggering 164.465 cm, I’ve always been satisfied with my height. But recently my friend Sam, who stands at 6 foot and some extra inches, pointed out to me that I am the ideal height to fit in between the seats in lecture halls. Now you might be wondering, what does that even mean… well, I can comfortably stretch my legs out to rest on the chair in front of me (obviously only if no one is sitting in it! I am not a monster!) and I fit perfectly! I never realized how blessed I was to have this talent, until Sam stretched his legs up and he was able to touch two rows in front of us… With this discovery in mind, I would like to share additional reasons why I am the perfect height. 

First off, I can fit spectacularly into the typical middle-class bathtub. I’m usually not one to take a traditional bath, but I do enjoy sitting while I am in the shower! I have found that I can comfortably rest my back on the far wall of the shower and my feet just reach the faucet side of the tub. This is extra comforting when shubbing (verb; to sit on the floor of the shower and cry), it feels like the shower is hugging me.

Next, I fit perfectly into the UVM dorm beds. Every night I climb into my bottom bunk and situate my three pillows to perfectly prop me up while I sleep. After doing this my toes just barely tickle the metal bar that runs along the bottom of my bed. This is ideal because I can rest my feet on this cool bar while I sleep!

I also fit spectacularly in the backseat of any car! Even if the driver/passenger needs to adjust their seat (if cursed with long legs) all the way back, I can still fit my legs in the seat behind them comfortably. Additionally, I can sit in the backseat of anyones car and stretch my legs across the backseats perfectly (similarly to the bathtub situation).

This next one is definitely a flex so brace yourself. I have never had to worry about smacking my head on the ceiling while walking down basement stairs. Whether it’s going to the basement at work, entering the PMD basement, or running from the monster lurking in the shadows of a basement; I have never hit or even grazed my head on the ceiling. 

Alright that’s enough for now. I’ll hold off on bragging anymore. I am open to debate this topic though! Please reach out if you feel like you are an even more ideal height or if we are the same height! Maybe I’ll start a club for all my lovelies that are 164.465 cm tall!

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