ghost attack 2: an unquenchable thirst

by emmaburns

In case you missed the Slaughter Tower (which if you did, shame on you, that shit was a masterpiece), I’ve got a ghost in my dorm room. Long story short on what I wrote last time, there was loud knocking in the middle of the night, an unmistakable crashing sound but nothing fallen over, and a foam head covered in black glitter paint that keeps changing where in the room it looks. 

Now that we’ve gotten a recap, I’m here to update you with the most recent exploits of the ghost dude chilling in the space where I sleep. For whatever reason, the water here at UVM upsets my stomach pretty badly (even when run through a Britta) so I buy jugs of water because hydrate or diedrate baby. I keep them lined up at the foot of my bed next to where my roommate keeps their fridge and Britta filter. One day I come back after class and notice that I need to replace my empty jug, so I go to grab a new one. Now, I had to order these jugs in bulk and carry those 56 pounds of water across L/L and up three flights of stairs so I KNOW that all of them were full when I got them. I pick up the one closest to me and immediately notice that it is way lighter than it should be. I look down and see that over half of the jug is now empty. “No big deal,” I think, “my roommate must have used it”. So I go about my day, and when my roommate gets back I casually bring it up. However, instead of getting the yeah that was me answer I expected, they tell me that they did not in fact use my jug. After further inspection, it comes to light that the seal around the cap has not been opened, which means no one opened it. Confused and slightly concerned, I’m about to force myself to forget when my roommate says “wait, last night I refilled my Britta, and this morning it was empty”. At this point, we have both accepted that the ghost has struck again. Since my boyfriend the non-believer was visiting in a few days we make a mark at where the water is, and a little while later MORE WATER HAS DISAPPEARED (which according to him is not enough proof but whatever). This continues for a few days, with stuff like one water bottle in a pack missing water despite not being opened and all the others being fine. Now it’s chilled out, with nary an incident to report. Maybe the ghost was just super thirsty? Whatever was going on, I hope the entity is sufficiently refreshed and will now be leaving us alone (I’m looking at you moving head). 

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