glee versions that are better.

by lucypowell

I come to the reader today sharing my top tier Glee renditions of songs that are far better than the originals. My qualifications for this ranking start and end with the fact that I am a big phat Gleek. 

  1. Starting off with an ultimate bangger, William Schuester’s version of the “Thong Song” will forever be superior to Sisqó’s original version. For starters, William sings this song at the most inappropriate time; to Miss Pillsbury as she is preparing for her wedding (spoiler: she’s planning to marry Will at this time)
  2. Glee is KNOWN for mashing up songs that many of us would never consider to be a good pairing, but to say they outdid themselves on this one would be an understatement. The mashup of Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like the Wolf” and “Rio”, performed by Blaine and Cooper Anderson, is orgasmic. I simply have no words for this mashup.
  3. Up next, I’m slowing things down with my top two cry-till-you-die songs. “Cough Syrup”, performed by Blaine Anderson, and “Somewhere Only We Know”, performed by The Warblers, make me want to hurl my body down a long flight of stairs the moment they are kued. The passion, love, hate, and raw emotions that are poured into these two performances make them surpass and curbstomp the originals. Wow. Crying at just the thought of them. 
  4. For this placing will be the Quinn category. To begin, Finn Hudson’s version of “(You’re) having My Baby” will forever be the best stand up comedy act. If I ever get pregnant, I will 1,000% be reenacting this scene as my reveal. On the flip side, we have Puckerman’s* rendition of “Beth” as another immaculate performance. It’s truly a sweet moment shared between a teen mom and her illicit affair.
  5. I hold many unpopular opinions, but one of my most unpopular is that the Glee version of “Run Joey Run” is such a perfect combination of toxic and theatrical that it surpasses the original. The video featured in the show looks as though it were made on iMovie, which makes me believe I could attempt to recreate it myself!
  6. To close off my list, I end with arguably the most girlboss songs of the whole show, “Survivor/ I Will Survive” and “Rumour Has It/Someone Like You” both featuring Santana and Mercedes. All I have to say is, God, women are hot. 

My honorable mentions go to; “Fat Bottom Girls” performed by Puckerman, “Smooth Criminal” performed by the Flash and Santana, and “Touch a Toucha Touch a Touch Me” performed by Miss Pillsbury (at another highly inappropriate time). 

*I do not support Mark Salling (Puckerman) and the actions he made that landed him in jail. 

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