confessions of an imagine dragons fan

by lucypowell

I am a huge Imagine Dragons fan. Wow, feels good to get that off my chest. I didn’t realize that I was in the minority until I stumbled upon multiple Reddit forums that trash the band and their music! At first, I was embarrassed- I mean if I had known they were so lame I wouldn’t have requested them at the frats… multiple times. Anywho, it made me so upset to read through the opinions of uneducated Reddit users. Most complaints were rooted in accusations that the band is repetitive and cheesy. While I totally understand that the band’s songs are over featured in NFL, NHL, Nintendo, and Samsung commercials, they are more than just middle school anthems.

My love for Imagine Dragons is fueled and shared with my mother (Marge). Many months ago, I opened my mothers eyes up to the glorious world of Tik Tok, but she never took much action to gain popularity. So I was beyond shocked one morning when I opened my app to see my mother on my FYP! Marge had choreographed her own 60 second dance to the new Imagine Dragons song “Cutthroat”. She filmed this Tik Tok in our garage and even used the stabilizing poles in it as a strippper pole. At this time Marge’s Tik Tok has 1,035 views and I have never been so proud of her. 

Marge has also devised a plan to buy tickets for every single one of the Imagine Dragons East Coast tour shows so that the two of us can experience their show as many times as possible. I am literally not kidding. In preparation for them to begin touring, I have sifted through all their music and pulled out some of their stand songs to share with you in hopes that you add them to your playlist. 

Starting off with some heartthrob songs, I would highly recommend “Polaroid”, “Next to Me” and “Wrecked”. These songs are really good for screaming-singing in the car with all the windows down or crying in the shower to.

Our next category would be songs I would choose to be the “theme songs to my life.” Starting off strong, we have “Thunder” and “Radioactive”. These are chosen for obvious reasons- they are motivating and inspiring. From their new album, I have selected the song “Lonely” because of it’s relatable lyrics; “Sometimes, I can get a little lonely….Sometimes, I can get a little anxious” which is repeated 28 times throughout the song. 

My final category will be “going out songs”. I anticipate this selection of songs will fit fluidly with everyone’s hype up playlist before hitting the bars. I recommend “Shots”, “Demons”, “Every Night”  and “Dancing in the Dark”.  

I encourage everyone to go give Imagine Dragons a second chance! But if you still choose to be a hater, I will live by the words of the band and remember that “I’ve got no time for toxic people.”

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