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by addisonschwarz

Halloween is around the corner! Dead leaves everywhere, tons of candy, sexy and spooky demons all around; you either love it or hate it. No matter your opinion on the holiday and its various events, we all can acknowledge that Halloween music is grossly underrated. The revenue generated from Christmas music likely outpaces the GDP of a mid-sized country, but teenagers and parents of 8 year olds everywhere have a very slim selection of songs to get absolutely blasted to every October 31st. While the selection of songs remains slim, I want to turn your attention toward five songs that deserve a spot on your Halloween playlist. 

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  1. The Monster Mash- Next Habit Remix
    1. We’ve all heard the monster mash, and be honest; it’s boring! Bobby “Borris” Pickett & the Crypt Kickers made an absolute classic, but 60 years of overplaying is going to make any song seem like shit. The next habit remix really brings in that 21st century punch we have all been begging for in our halloween music. It feels like a song that a seniored drag queen could use in an award winning ghost rider themed routine. 
  2. The Monster Rap 
    1. The year is 1984, Ronald Regan is about to get elected for a second term, the United States is becoming more polarized, and citizens are screaming for a release from their mundane lives. October 21, 1984, the Monster Rap was released and it was the swig of expired cough syrup that this country needed. You may feel hesitant to listen but I swear the commanding voice of Bobby Pickett to “rap for daddy” and the subsequent fire spit by his monster will change your life. 
  3. Monster’s Holiday 
    1. This song is the ultimate two-for-one; you can play it on two days of the year! It’s a genius mix of the same old tune but with lyrics that contain subtle call backs to classic Christmas tales. I invite you to really sit back and listen to Bobby Pickett’s masterful crooning. The distorted chiming in the back is so beautifully ambiguous that it leaves the audience wondering if it’s sleigh bells or the chains holding back the growling monsters. 
  4. The Monster Swim 
    1. Opening with an acknowledgement of his original hit two years prior, Bobby Pickett delivers a refreshing and brand new monster song! The story within the song tells the epic tale of some crazy monsters having a day at the pool.The brass section creates such a commanding, fun atmosphere that is perfect for both a halloween party or perhaps a military send off for a collegiate swimmer. 
  5. The Climate Mash
    1. A listen to this song from 2005 isn’t complete without the accompainting video you can only find on youtube; it’s a masterpiece. Mr. Pickett delivers the most well versed political diss track of all time without deviating from his original, unique sound. This song is perfect for subtlety dunking on your local exxon mobilists during your annual halloween party.

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