I was attacked (by a ghost!)

by emmaburns

A lot of strange things go on in the L/L building: sewage leaks, weird floor stains, and actual murder screams from the suite below mine, to name just a few. But by far the strangest experience I’ve had in L/L so far happened just a few short weeks ago to my roommate and me. It was just your typical Tuesday night at around 11:30 pm. We’re settling in for the night, scrolling through Tik Tok, trying not to think about existing tomorrow. All of a sudden we hear a gentle knocking. That’s not too weird, we think, the wind pushes our doors back and forth a lot, we know this sound. The gentle knocking continues, it’s mildly annoying, but whatever, we manage to doze off. Cut to about 1:30 am, we wake up and the knocking is loud as hell and sounds exactly like a person. This, we think, is not normal. As a big believer in the supernatural myself, I’m already at the point where I think I’m about to die.

samantha stillman

The loud knocking continues, it sounds like there are footsteps now, my roommate and I are hysterically laughing and also genuinely scared. I’ve got a blanket cocoon around me for protection, and at around 2 am I cave and call my boyfriend for extra courage. He, in typical business major fashion, does not believe in ghosts and is at first taking it far less seriously than it warrants, but after we describe to him what’s happening, he starts talking about how there’s probably someone in our suite and we need to lock our door now. My roommate, being far braver than I, goes out to check and there is literally no one walking around the suite except for them. The knocking continues and at like 3:30 my boyfriend is like “gotta go to bed please let me know if you’re alive tomorrow” so now it’s just back to me and my roommate. Immediately after he hangs up, we hear this loud crash that sounds either like someone has broken our door open or the tv has fallen to the ground and shattered entirely. Neither of us goes to investigate, because that is literally how you die. The knocking won’t stop and my brain is shuffling back and forth between ghosts and serial killers. The only way I get any sleep at all is by putting my headphones on and playing classical lullabies full blast. The next morning I wake up 10 minutes before my class, no one else in the suite heard anything all night, the tv is totally fine, the door was unbroken, and my roommate and I both feel like we hallucinated. It was pretty freaky, to say the least. And because we learned nothing, my roommate and I then bought a mannequin head from Michael’s that we painted in the creepiest manner possible, and now it won’t stop changing positions on my desk when we wake up. So if I’m found dead, I think it’s safe to assume that the L/L ghosts did it via the possession of a foam head.

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