imiranda… do you?

By danelibler 

The question you should be asking yourself is not IF Miranda Cosgrove’s music  is worth fucking up your indie-folk-punk Spotify aesthetic. The question is are you prepared for her music to fuck up your psyche?

In all transparency, I am a recent IMiranda; a name many fans of Miranda’s call themselves. We do this, 1- as a way to amplify her name within a society that normalizes calling her Carly and 2- as a way to identify other hardcore stans. 

My journey occurred like many others, I was obsessed with the song, “About You Now” by, Otto. I was blown away about the honest portrayal of lost love and layers of hidden grief buried within a sick synthetic beat. 

But Otto is a liar and thief. His sweet, sweet coos were not that of his own tethered soul, but of none other than child star, Miranda Cosgrove. Since my awakening with her song, “About you know”, I’ve expanded my Cosgrove charcuterie of melodies. I have collected all the meats, all the cheeses, and all the pickeled green things. In other words, I listened to all her songs on spotify. But I still crave more of her mind, more of her soul.

Her heart is my heart and my mind is that of her mind. Her music says what my heart wants to express and emotes what my mind can comprehend. Based on experiences from my own enlightenment, I knew I had to share the wealth. 

With no further ado or dandy; I am proud to present the IMiranda 2021 XIX cross-multitechnisional galaxy space. If you dare wish to enter the sixth dimension or to interactively listen to my playlist of Miranda hits as they correspond with my analysis of each- then follow the steps below 

  1. Scan QR
  2. Hit Play on the first song
  3. Listen IN ORDER all the way through
  4. Save yourself 30 years of a failed marriage, a soul-crushing divorce, and 5 years of intensive in-patient counseling

Kissin U:

She is relatable. Miranda tells a story and here- the listeners- arrive to her first page. Throughout this song Miranda hints at her deep-seated trust issues. She asks herself questions such as, “are you the one? Should I REALLY trust?” Miranda doubts her own judgment but refuses to let anyone inside to judge her. Her solution is a tale as old as Romeo and Juliet – kiss now, worry later.  Which brings us into…


Are we about to listen to “Love Story” by Taylor Swift? -No, but Miranda certainly tricked me. “Shakespeare” is the deepening of our character’s relationship from the first song. Back then Miranda questioned whether her love for her partner is real, in ‘Shakespeare’, she is clear. 

This is essentially the “Escape (The Piña Colada Song)” song for preteen girlys. Miranda attempts to fully open up to her partner, but she is still guarded. The key to her heart is correct answers from her partner to questions like if they fuck with niche, 90’s, indie singer-songwriter, Jeff Buckley? “Before you go, I need to know”

About You Now:

Soooooooo much better than Otto remix. Quite obviously Miranda boofed her relationship with the partner. Probably due to her incessant questioning and quizzing. As seen in the first song, Miranda holds trust issues before entering this relationship, but during she self sabotages in order to perpetuate her feelings of abandonment. She cannot live in a world where she doesn’t torture herself. Probably stems from negligence in her childhood by her parents.  


Like clockwork; after self-sabotage, there is self-loathing. Just take some of her lyrics; “The devil inside always wins the fight, Always gets his way” or  “Jump out in traffic, Yeah I gotta go my own way.” Miranda’s disgust is fully turned on herself, obviously unhappy with how her trust and commitment issues ruin all her intimate relationships. She cannot love herself because in her mind she is the devil so she imagines jumping out in traffic. Pretty emo. 

Hey You: 

Miranda’s love song to Miranda. Self-loathing is not a sustainable state. Therefore she must disassociate to the point of recovery. ‘Hey you’ is a delusional cocoon Miranda is forcing around herself. By listening to her own sweet croons of true beauty being hidden by ones own perception of themselves she is rebuilding her walls around her. The partner is gone, the longing is gone, the self-hate is gone. Now she will construct her metaphorical protective walls around her heart 2x stronger than before. The cycle continues. 

Oh Oh: 

Olivia Rodrigo who?

Leave It All To Me: 

Miranda just says hope. She is confident. She holds a positive growth mindset. She is just all about “live[ing] life” and “Breath[ing] air.” These sentiments are a complete 180 degrees from the Miranda we met in ‘Disgusting.’ Back then she proactively did not want to be living life and breathing air. Specialists theorize that Miranda shows signs of an undiagnosed manic-depressive disorder. Rad.

Dancing Crazy:

Nothoughts. Nothoughts. Nothoughts. Dance. Dance. Dance. Drugs? Dance. Rage. Rage. Assertion of sexuality. No Apology. More Nothoughts. Destrory flesh case. Dance.

The dance never stops. 

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