driver’s license, but i miss my crocs

by lucypowell

I got my crocs stolen from me last week

Just like I never thought they’d be

‘Cause they were always there for me

To wear in the shower and around the halls

But today I walked through the hallway

Crying ‘cause they weren’t around

And they’re probably on some persons feet

Who can’t rock my crocs

Why’d you have to take mine

Next time please take my roommates

Yeah, today I cried through the hallways

‘Cause how could I ever croc someone else?

And I know I leave them outside my door but I never thought they’d be taken 

And now I can’t imagine putting that much faith into my peers

Guess I was naive to think good was in all people

‘Cause I thought forever, now I shower with my bare feet

And all my halls mates are tired

Of getting groupmes dms from me but 

I don’t feel sorry for them

‘Cause they’ll never know the pain the way that I do

Yeah, today I walked through my hallway

And pictured my crocs right outside my door

And I know they were just shoes

But I’ve never felt this way for another pair, oh

And I just can’t continue, knowing how you’ll forever be gone

I guess I should buy a new pair of crocs for my feet

‘Cause I thought they’d be back but now it’s been over a week 

Yellow crocs, maroon band

I still see your glow on my lonely feet, shower shoes

Can’t use the communal showers the way we used to do

‘Cause I still fuckin’ smell so bad (ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh)

Adventure straps were up 

I still hear your squeeks in the hallways, I’m crying

Every. Single. Night

Oh Rally Cat, I’m so through,

But I still fuckin’ needed my shoes (ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh)

I know it’s what I deserve for leaving them out in the hallway

And I just can’t imagine stealing someone else’s shoes, now that mine are gone

‘Cause I might not have shower shoes for my feet

But you choose to steal, now you have a foot disease

Yeah, you stole my crocs, now I walk barefoot past your street

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