better bad statues

by wtstaff

UVM has bad statues. We can come up with ones just as bad but better 🙂

The earwax wall. Like the gum wall in Seattle but earwax

Huge and I mean HUGE UVM letters in stone like 50 feet tall stone letters

An overly Hunky Rally statue (at least an 8 pack) 

Tribute to the late Alan Rickman

A second, slightly smaller Tango, named ‘it takes 2 to tango’/ ‘2 tango, 2 furious’ 

Cristo Redentor sized statue of Suresh

A life-size recreation of the city of Zion from the matrix trilogy

More dementors. Those are some sexy statues.

A statue of Alexander Crowell, the person who shot the last living Catamount in Vermont

Maybe like some actual recognition and dedication to the Abenaki people…

Ben Affleck did go here for a semester but he can only be depicted as he was in Gone Girl. Actually, let’s have him laying on the ground and Rosamund Pike stepping on his windpipe. #girlboss


Joseph Smith. UVM enforced Mormonism: it’s just a matter of time.

We should have a permanent tractor pull on the soccer field to commemorate John Deere, a Vermont hero.

More balls. Lars Fisk (father of the bus ball) has several more balls to choose from for future art installation

Diorama of the little town from Rango

Buddy Valastro, the Cake Boss

Monument to all the serial killers of Vermont (Ted Bundy, H.H. Holmes, Ben and Jerry, etc.)

An open fire hydrant (can never be closed)

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