interview with a furry

by emmaburns

Furries. They live among us as coworkers, friends, maybe even family. They thrive in online communities and absolutely ruin some of your favorite childhood TV shows with their sexualization of animals. But yet we know so little about what it means to be a Furry. What are their motivations? Are they sexually attracted to animals or just people pretending to be animals? Do they really want to become an animal or is it all an elaborate cosplay? These are just a few of the unknown realities of what it means to be a Furry. Despite being so prevalent on the internet they are a rare sighting in real life and so to ask these questions is difficult. But recently I sat down with a Furry to ask them about their experience with being one and being in the community, and hopefully, it will provide some insight into the strange and hidden world of Furries. 

Hi there Subwoofer, thank you so much for agreeing to meet with me today. 

Thank you for asking me, I think that there are so many misconceptions about what being a Furry is and it’s really important to me that I set the record straight. 

Ok, then let’s get right into it. When did you first know that you were a Furry?

I’d say I’ve always known, but like four years ago I really solidified my fursona and I really became out and proud.

And what exactly is your fursona?

So my fursona is who I see myself as sexually, and my specific fursona which is a wolf has dark grey fur with like light grey highlights and yellow eyes and like two long fangs and it’s very fragile because we are a sub. 

sam stillman

I see. Do you have a strong community of Furries around you? Or is this just your own thing?

It’s a little hard, there is a strong community online but around me in real life, not really. But I go on Tumblr and Reddit, and I meet other Furries and talk to them there. Honestly, being online has really given me the freedom to explore what gets me horny, and even though I don’t get to see many Furries face to face, there are some absolute wolf babes on the interwebs. 

You mentioned that you’ve been able to discover what turns you on. Could you get more specific about that?

OMG, I read this one fanfiction where this wolf tackled – it was like really raw and just like a grab for fucking dominance of the pack and they just fucking – the Alpha just fucking went for it, fucking tackled Y/N and just like bit them and then just like pinned them down to the bed. And then once it was over he just started gently rubbing Y/N’s belly once they had had enough and was like yelping in pain and then all was calm. You have to take care of the sub, it’s my firm belief.

So you’re into an Alpha and Omega dynamic?

Yes, exactly. I’m getting excited just thinking about it honestly. 

Do you have anything that you want people to know about Furries?

Furries are not as gross and crazy as we have been portrayed to be. It’s just life. It’s like the circle of life. Shit happens, we’re animals. It’s just living out the roadmap of existence. Furries are cool. Furries are creative. Every person has a different fursona, it’s awesome. It’s so underrated and it’s a great, loving community. Yeah, it’s hardcore… we’re mammals, what else do I have to say. 

Thank you so much for your time. This has been very enlightening. 

Thank you for listening. I’d love to stay and keep talking but I’m running late for my weekly grooming appointment.

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