ultimate rage playlist

by emmaburns

I think it’s safe to say that most people are pretty filled with rage on any given day (I myself am internally screaming at various levels 24/7), and given our puritanical and unhealthy Western society, there’s not a lot of healthy examples of how people can express and release that anger. That’s not good dude! We can’t just have a bunch of rage zombies walking around all the time! Fortunately for us, one of the few healthy ways to handle anger is through music. It’s the perfect way to get that aggravation out without drop-kicking the next dumbass who gets on your nerves (although honestly, sometimes that dumbass is just asking for it and you shouldn’t be held responsible for that). Here’s a list of some of my go-to songs for when I’m feeling particularly enraged (or even slightly annoyed if I’m being real). Hopefully, at least one resonates with you and gives you your next solution for when you find yourself on the verge of absolutely losing it. 

Gold Lion- Yeah Yeah Yeahs

This song is great for that low-grade rage that’s just sort of chilling in the background all day/week/month/year/life. Put your headphones on and stare out of a car or bus window broodingly and it will do the trick every time. 

Combat Baby- Metric

Ok, so not to get too serious or anything but this song has always reminded me of a friendship breakup and those majorly suck, and can leave you feeling pretty angry for a long time. Listen to this if you’re feeling resentment towards a former friend and looking to purge some of it through the power of art. 

Bacdafucup- Onyx 

Is someone doing a bad job at social distancing? In your personal space? Turn on this song to serve as a reminder. Plus it’s only 48 seconds long, so short and sweet. 

Buzzkill- Ash

You know that one person you really hate? This song gets it. It really understands the anger you might feel when that annoying jackass so much as breathes near you. Next time that stain of a person won’t shut the fuck up listen to this in your head to self-soothe.  

I Don’t Wanna Hear It- Minor Threat 

Also applicable to when someone is really annoying the shit out of you. Honestly, you should play this to their face to really psych them out, maybe next time they’ll leave you alone. 

Giving Bad People Good Ideas- Death Grips

Literally almost everyone has experienced a group project where they’re pulling most of the weight or just doing the whole thing themselves (and if you haven’t either fuck you help your classmates or congratulations on your excellent luck). This song is the closest thing I’ve heard to expressing how pissed that makes me feel. With any luck, it can do the same for you. 

Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage- Girl Band

This song radiates chaos. It’s a long one too so put it on and just thrash the repressed anger out. It’s especially good for when you go long periods of time without expressing any real emotions to anyone. 

Banned In D.C- Bad Brains

Mad at the government, mad at society, mad at the system, mad at your friends, mad at school, mad at anything? This song is for you baby. 

Pedestrian At Best- Courtney Barnett


Carmina Burana O Fortuna- Carl Orff

This is for Shakesperian levels of rage, perfect for ruminating how you will meticulously destroy your enemies. When listening to this you should be staring out a window, gripping a chalice full of red wine Cersei Lannister style. If you’re being dramatic you’re using this song right.

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