helming the wheel to sail the seas of the mind and cosmos

by l.r.hubbard

A jump from one season into the next

Just as we spring into the next life after this one

Us thetans have a responsibility to prepare for this next jump

Clarity inspired me to walk down to Leddy beach

There I sit on the sand, cladden in my uniform

A sea captain’s hat accompanied by a sailor’s pea coat.

Inspired by the beauty of the water in front of me,

I read

The sun shines on the book, the one that has taught me so much

Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health

I read how one can become clear, how I can become clear.

The people building sandcastles and having ‘fun’ are not clear

I pull a pocket watch out of my sweat soaked coat

Time for the sunset

Everyone flocks, blocking my sun

I scoff at them, for they have not re-lived their past lives

In order to become clear

Categories: April 6 2021, creative

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