weak in the knees

by birdoutsideyourwindow

izzy glow

The sky is grey

Like the street washed in salt

or maybe that’s the smoke from my spliff

clouding my vision like a pair of glasses

and a mask

and here in this moment my thoughts

are interrupted by Sean Kingston’s

Fire Burning

because it is above 35 degrees 

here in Burlington

and the Football house

or whatever you want to call a bunch of guys

who play club Football

and live together

are dartying

Spring in Burlington!

when the sun 

still tucked behind a grey blanket

teases you just enough

to bring you down to the intervale

these days remind me the early weeks in November

as I tried to hold on to the last few weeks

of warmth and sunshine

and now

faced with the prospect that

things will only get better!

God how I wish I could go back

but it’s been made very clear

that time travel is impossible

and that everyone prefers the spring

which is why I now find myself at the Intervale

tires sliding through snow yet to melt

the sun patting me on the back

trying to convince me to love the spring

and I do for a second

as my tires finally catch dry ground

Now we are getting somewhere

for a second

until I hit mud

and my tires spin

and despite all my frantic peddling 

I don’t move at all

izzy glow

Categories: creative, march 23 2021

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