memes: providing a fleeting escape from hellscape reality proving that pain hurts less when its shared online

by karlazurita

online memes made me realize that the best content
revolves around self-deprecating humor. i tweet “found out i got cheated on during finals and a global pandemic, everyone give urself a hug at least ur not me.” 50 likes. i tweet “my ass is so fat.” 5 likes. memes transform our shared pain into an art form.

there’s affirmation memes, chad memes, anime girl
memes, e-girl walking away from groomer asking her if
shes heard of death cab for cutie. Or anime girl memes
that say if ur cum tastes like cum hit me up. or memes
about making memes.

the most used meme of 2018 was that drake template
meme were it was him like shying away and then him
smiling. now, however, there’s new meme templates
weekly. memes about things that didnt even really hit
mainstream until the pandemic like “hyperpop.” wtf
is hyperpop? its like aesthetic capitalism like monster
energy drinks are making a come back? and camo? but
its all “ironic.” i blame 100 gecs but i also thank them.
hyperpop is just basically better pop music, its pop
music turned emo and with higher tempo and pitches…
anyway my “musician” “friend” said not to use the.

H word (hyperpop) because artists shouldnt say it.

we literally live in hell. thanks to memes and shit-
posting a lot of people have gained a large following,

so i decided to give this world a try, i’m kinda funny, i
can edit, so why not! well all these shitposting accounts
actually engage and they’re friends or like anon friends.
a lot of meme accs actually have like upwards 6 people

running them… and for WHAT! so i have a small fol-
lowing and im in a vulnerable place i want attention and this random acc starts reposting my memes and im
like haiiiiiii well we talk for weeks and we dont know
what we look like but i told this person everything and
he, (found he was a man… yikes) said he didnt really
care what i looked like, and this was so bewildering to
me and it reminded me of my earlier tumblr years, but
whatever he was completely anonymous until a few
days ago and im just glad he doesnt look terrifying just
a normal, unattractive 28 year old teacher who likes
to make memes. well yea other words i didnt know

about before these heightened meme months: doom-
ers, zoomers, wojacks, “chads”, trad wife blah blah blah

it all just becomes nonsensical but we all love it cus its
funny and self-deprecating and relatable. memes arent
only for incels and facebook boomers, but for all of us
<3 there is actually extensive research suggesting this is
the art movement of our generation… but yall not ready
for that conversation anyway,

my ass is fat and i am single.

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