love is blind tell all with dr. wt

by kelseydeemer

It should come as no surprise that Love is Blind UVM contestant Dr. Watertower would have ties to this very paper. She has been described as “so cool that she scares me” by a fellow contestant, which is so true. Not only does she radiate cool, she gives heart, fire, and most importantly, THE SCOOP. We sat down with Dr. Watertower for an exclusive interview about her time on UVM’s newest reality television production, Love is Blind UVM.

How did you get involved with Love is Blind?

My relationships with the judges are far-reaching, some more than others. But, lets just say we’re pals. I’ll admit: I was (partially?) chosen for this role through a new-wave sort of “nepotisim,” some may say. But, I’m here. xx. anyways…

What made your LIB audition stand out?

 I think it was definitely the vibes. If you too prop your laptop up on a homemade wooden shelf-like structure you found on the side of the road and talk to it, declaring yourself a lesbian to the entirety of this university’s population, perhaps you too can be cast on a university-wide reality show!

What was your angle for playing the LIB field?

 Let’s get real, my angle was for sure acute. Maybe about 28 degrees? That sounds right to me. 

What was your favorite conversation on LIB?

 I did have a lovely time on my virtual Netflix Party date with BusBallBabe. Our convo was great and she’s very funny. I also loved a lot of the conversations that took place in the big group chat. Felt like I was at summer camp or something. I’ve never been to summer camp, but I imagine it to be a lot like spending a summer on some lake in upstate Wisconsin with 500+ other young children.

What is the hottest drama that took place?

Hottest drama was, is, has been, always will be anything to do with Theatre Kid. Throughout the season, Theatre Kid was the string that strung through the web of Love is Blind contestants. You could simply accuse him of “playing the field,” or you could say his actions were sometimes “hurtful.” Depends on who you talk to I guess. I have no interest in men, so luckily I was spared from this fate. 

Have you been recognized as a local celebrity now?

Yes, once I have. I was out in The World and a girl asked me if I was Dr. Watertower. I said yes. She said, “I don’t know what to say.” I didn’t know what to say either honestly. I think we left it at that. 

Of the LIB cast, who has the smexiest personality?

Hmmm this is a hard one. If I had to make a short list, it’d probably be Saveda Bees, E.B., BusBallBabe and Will Nessenvironment. 

So,,,, did you find love? 

Yes, I do enjoy the Fillet O’ Fish. Many Fridays during Lent, my family would eat these, however, I wasn’t really into “fish” back then. Now I am, though. Oh, you said “love”? Not “Fillet-O’-Fish”? Huh. Well, I didn’t.

More importantly, did you make any besties?

I suppose you could say I attempted to make besties. I for sure had a bestie during the course of the show, Will Nessenvironment. I would categorize him as a twink, however I don’t want to draw a hard line in the sand on that one. Who am I to deem one’s twinkness? I’m not, that’s the answer. Anyways, we bonded, but haven’t talked since. I tried to get him to come to a Water Tower meeting, but to no avail. To my knowledge, we have exactly zero theatre majors on staff, so there’s for sure a deficit there we need to fill. I would also love to see you, Will. xx

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