what’s in your head while giving head?

by wtstaff

So sex. Oral intercourse specifically. Fornication of the mouth. Pleasure from mouth and tongue to genetalia. Head 🙂 . A nice quiet time activity for you and your partner. During all that quiet time, a lot can pass through the ol’ thinker. Here’s some of the things that are in our dome while giving dome.

  • I have so much power right now…
  • Would they notice if I cried… like a little bit?
  • This dick tastes like avocado…
  • I have so many emails to answer… fuck… shit…
  • Ew my spit is everywhere.. Wait what that was stupid…
  • What if I bit down really hard right now? Would he be mad? Like would he yell at me? Or would he just start crying? … I shouldn’t. 
  • This is simple. This is too simple. Is he faking? Wait, that doesn’t work. Right?
  • Should I be doing the alphabet spelling thing with my tongue instead? 
  • There is just way too much moisture in my mouth right now
  • Can’t their balls taste soy sauce if they’re dipped in it?
  • I wonder if they can taste my chapstick rn
  • Can they taste my tongue then?
  • I burped later in the day (after brushing my teeth) and it tasted like pussy
  • Would it hot to look up right now? No way. But maybe?
  • OK Google, retract teeth
  • If I tweet about this will they find out?
  • Deez nuts
  • Are there exercises I can do to increase tongue endurance?
  • It’s a marathon and a sprint
  • Wait a minute, is this a penis? 
  • Oh shit forgot to take my retainer out. Too late now
  • 1-800-588-2300 EMPIRE 
  • I forgot to spit out my gum…
  • The Nerf SuperSoaker Hydro Cannon has NOTHING on me right now
  • Did it hit my teeth? Did it hit my teeth? Did it hit my teeth? Good lord, I’m taking out a whole row of kernels on this dick-on-the-cob

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