the best places to smoke weed on a ski mountain


Ah… getting high while speeding down a mountain, one of the only enjoyable things to do during the cold months of winter here in Vermont. 

Let’s start this list with seriously the Worst Place to smoke weed on the mountain, ranking at number 5. Smoking on the chair lift

This is a terrible place to smoke weed. -Unless, okay maybe you have a magic flight box or it’s midweek and you are on the slowest lift on the mountain, is this an okay place to smoke weed. But otherwise, it’s just obnoxious… think about it, tap into your brain cells; you are in a forest, go literally anywhere else. 

4. On the side of groomers – and this does include places easily visible from groomers

I’m convinced that every person I see smoking weed in these areas has no fear, they have never heard stories of someone coming up in a jacket with the mountain’s name on it and taking away or suspending their pass. I’m jealous of these people, it’s just confidence right…?

3. In the parking lot

Okay, if you are doing this in the morning when everyone else is filing into the lot and an employee is directing the cars I, again, believe you have no fear. Smoking weed in your car is only fun if no one is in their cars next to yours and you are hotboxing , okay next!! 

2. In the glades

okay cool, you made some effort, enjoy it.

Ranking at number 1. the all-time Best Place to smoke weed is following a beautiful, fresh line far into a deeply wooded area 

This is what skiing is really all about. Imagine, far off any designated or signed wooded area, the trees are tall around you and maybe you find a beam of light coming through that you can rest under. Why would you want to smoke without this feeling of enchantment? 

*I would like to note that this list also applies to peeing.

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