sex and the city: the straightie’s gift that keeps on giving

by katierearden

BEWARE! This review contains spoilers

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But for the first few years of my sentient existence, I had a life filled of the HBO hit. Yes, it’s true, my mother was a white 30 something in the late 90’s; you bet your ass she watched Sex and the City. Carrie Bradshaw’s aura, made up of Big (her on again off again dickhead boyfriend), her fucking ugly ass Minolo Blahnik’s, Marlboro Lights and tulle skirts unknowingly echoed throughout my home. This most definitely protruded my baby ears and infiltrated my infant brain as I jumped around in the bouncy swing or some shit.

Turns out the show is about sex (big surprise!) But it isn’t the boring sack of slop that I originally wrote off as “basic” and “annoying.” I know what you may be thinking: isn’t this show just about four sexually liberated white women in late 90’s/ early 00’s New York City. Yes, it is exactly that. But also oh, so much more. It is the pinnacle of self-indulgent, and you and I my friend, well we’re here to indulge.

Now, let’s get down to the facts; I’m a lesbian. So there’s really no characters for me to relate to in this show, save for Carrie’s GBF, Stamford (I guess?) and season 1, episode 6, “The Learning Curve” in which Charlotte gets to know some lesbian art dealers. But, I’m not here to relate. I’m here to relish in the post-9/11 girlboss lifestyle of these women; they take the Big Apple by storm in 400 dollar heels while gabbing and gabbing about whatever! The show follows four white women, who I have described using keywords below:

Carrie Bradshaw – pick me girl, sex columnist, cosmo drinker, on again off again smoker, fashion freak, consumerist, shoe lover, narcissist, brownstone resident, left at the altar

Samantha Jones – oldest of the bunch, PR lady, sex freak, hottie, confident and straightforward bitch, breast cancer survivor

Charlotte York – WASP, prep, former sorority girl, former Connecticut resident, old-fashioned

Miranda Hobbes – lawyer, shrill voice haver, redheaded cynic, workaholic, voice of reason but always a little annoying about it

The one thing these four women all have in common? Why that’d be the fact that they all spent considerable amounts of their formative years trapped in 1980’s America. The Reagan years sucked this country dry and what did they leave us with? Empty malls? Groups of white women who are so self-indulgent it is now the basis of an entire television program?

This show is the antithesis of everything I stand for: I don’t give a fuck about men and although I am of course 
One thing I know for sure is that if 29 year old Carrie Bradshaw were alive today, she would shop at Fashion Nova. Thank God we never have to see that.

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