s.n.o.e.m. (snack poem)

by sophiewolfe



as Gertrude Stein said, 

in the morning there is meaning,

in the evening there is feeling,

but in the afternoon there is Flamin Hot Cheetos

and that is what makes all the difference

andrew salerno

there is an emptiness

you know the one 

that emptiness which sweeps across our foreheads and gets us in our guts 

and follows from room to room 

an emptiness which might only be forgotten

at the bottom of a Pringles can 

or in a box of extra toasty Cheezits 

you know the ones

and I feel like I might die if I don’t get home soon, 

if I don’t get back to my snacks,

to my microwave popcorn,

my random, half stale bag of tostitos scoops,

my friendly smiling unaware haribo gummy bears

andrew salerno

and I will withstand one more day of cold,

one more long walk to nowhere,

one more journey into what can only hurt me,

because I know that when I get home I will be greeted

by Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups 

these days it’s always 4 in the afternoon

these days i’m always caught knee deep in the middle of


and it isn’t winter but it isn’t spring 

and it isn’t dark but it isn’t light 

and I am beginning to think 

that there is something in me that is truly evil 

and then I eat some pita chips  

and there is goodness in me again maybe

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