lindsay lohan: crypto queen

by lindsaylohan

STAR-Y Linds  2,000 Bitcoin

Hello Vermont College, this is movie actress Lindsey Lohan but my friends just call me LiLo. You are my friend and as friends I am here to bestow upon you some words of strength and comfort during these revolutionary and economically troubling times… and that my bestie is the BitCoin. As a famous star, I know a little something about trends. Believe me this is not a trend. I believe in a world that is financially decentralized and the power of dreams to be the core lightning network of humans. That’s right, my little mushroom cap of flesh, help me, help the world, by purchasing my limited edition Gohn-ien, Bitcoin centralized art. 80% of the proceeds will go to charities that accept bitcoin. Remember this is a revolution that humanity is witnessing in the creation. For transparency I will list the charities below.

Thank you fierce crypto warriors and let’s continue the mission to drain the banks and get some dranks. 

Pls Venmo at GurlBossLi.

XOXO, your friend, LiLo

Charitable Organizations: Tesla, SpaceX, X Æ A-12, GRIMES

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