we have piercings at home

One bright Wellness weekend morn
I knew more earrings must be worn

I decided on this Saturday
That I would pierce the pain away

Julia had pierced before
She might just be a piecing whore

I found my needle and my ice
I knew which ear would pay the price

Alas, Kombucha in the tray
The ice, it smelled like acid rain

My frozen ear soon wreaked of vin’gar
Julia poked it with her finger

My ear was numb, that’s all that mattered
Soon my mask would be blood-splattered

She tried the thinnest needle had
This hole could not be earring clad

She tried a needle slightly bigger
Oh, how much blood this jab would trigger

The blood poured down my face and hair
Julia, she said a prayer

I got some towels from my friend
I hoped to make the bleeding end

Categories: creative, November 17, 2020

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