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friend daps other friend up
friend 1: do you moisturize?
friend 2: no my hands are just always fucking sweaty
Downtown Drinkies
concerned friend: dude what took you so long buying the
entrepreneur: I was using the gift card from my grandma
N. Winooski Ave
election night leftist: you know, i’ve never met an apple tv
subscriber. Not ONE!
Mail-0rder champ
someone who is having way better sex than you: yeah my
champ bad dragon came in the mail last night
Polite gentleman: may I have a tight pussy please?
Votey, probably
Math major: Is she older than me? Cause I was conceived
Quarantine Couch
*dance mom plays*
subletter: kelly and brooke’s mom, you can tell she was a
whore, oh she was a thot
South Royalton, VT
local man: reading sign “lost alpine goat? please call” how
do we know she didn’t run away? I mean, would you wanna
be penned up all day with some asshole telling you what to
do? I wouldn’t.

Categories: November 17, 2020, trash

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