gregslist, like craigslist but worse

Ive got thirty two industrial sink spouts. Looking to sell strictly to
Subway franchises. Contact at eight oh 2, three six 4, 12 three 4
I am looking for a Twin XS mattress! No, there is no typo, I am NOT
looking for a twin XL, I am looking for a Twin XS mattress!

Hi, my wife Jackie and six children, Joe, Josephine, Joline, Joseline,
Joseph and Jackass are looking for someone to come and take over
some barn duties at our Brattleboro VT dairy barn! We already have
people pumping them cow teets, so we are now looking for someone
who would specialize in cleaning JUST the utters of the cow! Thats
right– just an udder cleaner! We have roughly 40 cows giving off tasty
milk on a given day, so we need someone with small fingers that can
work quickly within the cracks to get those utters clean and back out
for more pumping. Small fingies only!

Preferably a four prong fork for maximum poking ability. This guy
just wants to stab his flesh with dried flesh. That is my

Me and the hubby are looking for a third wheel. Not for our relation- ship, but for my bike. I don’t know how to ride a bike. Thinking a
tricycle is the way to go.

Selling cheese. Just some cheese really. Sharp cheddar. It’s probably
pretty good cheese but honestly I wouldn’t know. It is half eaten and
has visible teeth marks. Those are from my wife who has left me. They
are her teeth. I am selling this cheese because I don’t want to think
about her and her teeth marks anymore. She had such great teeth.
Now she is gone. Please someone take this cheese away. Soon it will
begin to haunt me.

ISO 20-30 Vermont dancers to help fill the niche left behind when
Vermont’s only strip club succumbed to the COVID-19 crisis. Must be

Eggs. Buying or selling. Doesn’t matter what kind. I’ll take anything–
chicken, duck, goose, turtle, penguin, horse, deer, human, you name
it. If you’re searching for more like-minded, egg-loving, and kinky
people then you should check out Eggslist!!

Honey bottles with a quarter of honey left in it. Look, we both know
you aren’t going to wait all that time for that shit to pour out. It’s
honey. It’s slow. I’ll be combining into full bottles, you’ll have
more pantry space and feel less guilty about buying a new

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