everyone should have a wasp room in their house

by jayceslesar

sophie spencer

Let’s be honest, pets are pretty sick. There are dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, rodents, and everything in between (even though dogs are the best and you aren’t allowed to argue). There are even different types of pet owners too, some owners might get their pet a whole room, or pick a house based on the backyard for said pet(s), or maybe just a little dog bed in the corner gets the job more than done. Now, scratch the fact that any normal pets will be in that room and picture this: You wake up, walk downstairs on a beautiful summer morning and go and check on your pet room, but not just any pet room, your pet wasp room. Well folks, that is exactly what one youtuber that goes by “Just Joshing” has done. One might think that owning bees is ‘cool’ and ‘hip’ but owning wasps is far more than that, owning wasps is in fact ‘metal’.

This is risky business, as taming wasps nests is no easy feat and is definitely a step up from freezing a bumble bee and tying a string around it as a pet. In the YouTube series, the individual under analysis puts honey on his finger to lure wasps off of nests in hopes of easing the risks involved with wasp nest transportation and logistics from outside to inside. Let’s unpack that because what the fuck?? That’s like trying to get a shark’s attention with a wetsuit made of fish guts. Regardless, “Just Joshing” seems to have excellent queen identifying skills and is able to pick out the wasp nest leaders every time. Queens are often transported with honey on the finger and the worker wasps are usually transported in a bug vacuum. What I can’t seem to get over is that an entire room in his house is just now dedicated to wasps. There are ways for the wasps to get in and out of the room (not into the rest of the house) and even the closet was revamped to be wasp friendly, and with video titles such as “Raising Yellow Jackets as Pets in My Closet part 1: Releasing the Queen” and “My Pet Wasps New Home” I can’t even criticize. The man gave the hives options from sticks, logs, cardboard, and egg cartons for his yellow jackets to use as building materials, what a guy!

Listen friends, I know what you are thinking, “how many times did this wasp tamer get stung?”, but if you watch the videos I think overall you can count the amount of times he is stung on two hands which shows excellence in wasp mastery, a skill rarely possessed by humans. At least someone in this world has a soft spot for wasps, even if they are ***** with wings. Honestly I’m genuinely surprised the wasps didn’t sting him more but I guess if you are calm and collected and have a constant supply of honey to draw them away from you, you aren’t gonna have too bad of a time (given your goal is to tame wasps or some other crazy shit like that).

Overall I learned a lot from the YouTube series, and if I ever try to keep wasps as pets in the future, I’ll know at least I’m not going into it blind. I’ll have resources, video evidence, and tutorials on how to do it right. I’ll be able to pamper my wasps like no others, raise a colony strictly loyal to me, and strike my foes with vengeance. Imagine, with an army of wasps at your disposal you could do anything. Attack things at will, extra storage, scouting/spying, infinite wasps, and if you got enough maybe they could carry you and you could friking fly. I’m sold, wasps as pets it is.

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