etsy taxidermy

by samstillman

Etsy has something for everyone. You can buy candles, stickers, paintings, pottery, and hell, you can purchase a beautifully knit wool sweater for your new friend from the south who didn’t understand that it snows in Vermont in October, and YES the weather does drop below 60 degrees way before Christmas rolls around. But, let’s say you want to get someone something really special this holiday season. Don’t worry! Etsy has just the thing for you and your loved ones. Taxidermy, because nothing says “I love you,” like a dead animal.

Since death is one of the only guaranteed parts of life (aside from perhaps taxes and pooping), the taxidermy selection on Etsy frequently updates and re-stocks. You can purchase dead rodents, fish, frogs, and even octopi from both the most gifted and amateur taxidermists on Etsy. That’s right, whether it be questionable amounts of dead beta fish beautifully preserved in resin or just a dead squirrel in a grocery bag, Etsy has just the thing for anyone on your holiday shopping list. 

Want to get something more personal? No problem! On Etsy, people get really creative with animal corpses. Did your cousin just get a new car? Get him a gear shift handle with a dead goldfish inside! Did either of your parents listen to rock music growing up? A deceased punk duck is a perfect gift! Does your partner kind of like to read? A Shakespearean dressed taxidermy mouse seems just up their alley! 

Don’t wait, start shopping on taxidermy Etsy today!

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