dear tonsils

by maythrowt-hertz

dear tonsils,
why would you do this to me again
i thought we had made our peace
but alas,
another week of my health and comfort
derailed by your dysfunction
the false hope that enshrouded me
when my lymphatic system was resting in its
temporary homeostasis
turned my mind away from
the biological likelihood of infection reccurence
after i failed
to finish a round of antibiotics.
i see my own fault in this situation.
we try to escape fate
but it blindsides us
and it infects our tonsils
get a tonsillectomy, they say
but they fail to consider
that i don’t have the time or the energy
and i don’t want to lose my
tonsies forever.
so for now, come all ye lozenges
salt-water rinses, and hot teas.
recurrent tonsillitis appears to be
the hand that i was dealt
and i will do with that what i will.

Categories: creative, November 3, 2020

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