warning for internal use only.

memo from the joker

The Halloween season is here, and every day things are getting a little spookier, a little more twisted around Burlington. You’re welcome.
I’m the new News Editor, and I was hired to replace that slacker sack of shit “Henry” that held the job before me. To all News staff, I have one
message: Get It Together. This operation is going to be running smoothly by the next issue, or we’re going to have to make some Cuts. Some
Jabs. Some Wounds. To be clear, if we aren’t the strongest news machine in New England within the fortnight, you’re all Fired. I’ve got a friend,
you might’ve heard of him, called ‘Firefly.’ He and I used to fight the Batman, back in the day. If I don’t have the best articles I’ve ever read on my
desk, I’ll introduce you, and that’s a threat.

Just Kidding,
The Joker

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