the water tower official drinking game

by kelseydeemer


to get plastered, sloshed, fully shitfaced, to not simply get trashed, but to become the trash and to take yourself outside at the end of the night. and to be kind <3.

set up:

players sit in a circle with a solo cup each in front of them and a large container of alc, otherwise known as The Tower, in the center (this can be anything but in my personal House Rules The Tower would be a pitcher of half sparkling sangria half lemon truly). players should also have their own personal alc container, or The Redstone Tower, for extra sips.


find the youngest player in the room. for all legal reasons the youngest person in my hypothetical rules game is 21 years old. this makes 21 the Magic Number. players will go around the circle counting up to the Magic Number. the first person says one the next player says two until someone says the Magic Number or 21 in this case. upon saying the Magic Number that player can make one rule that will persist for the rest of the game. rules can include things like “instead of saying 2 you clap instead” or “when you say 14 do a load of laundry”. should a player forget one of these rules they are granted the title of Rally Cat’s Bitch and will be poured a glass of The Tower by the player who made the rule. How much of The Tower is poured into Rally Cat’s Bitch’s solo cup is up to the grace of that specific rule maker. repeat until the objectives are completed 🙂

da water tower rules babyyyyyyy

while you, dear reader, are free to make, follow, and break rules all on your own, we here at the water tower have a few house rules to start the game off right. here are our house rules to make the game a lil more exciting

1. the bathroom is now called the ShitSpot. should any player say something like “I gotta hit the bathroom” or “I gotta take a leak, where’s your john?” they take a drink from The Redstone Tower.

2. should a drop of drink be spilled the first to notice will shout “stay wet!” and the player who spilled will draw two uno cards from the center deck.

3. should a player get poured a drink from The Tower more than 5 times the room will stand up and collectively give that player a group hug for their condolences.

4. should a player complain about a rule made by a Magic Number caller that player will be forced to tweet about it.

5. should the tweeting player from rule 3 tweet with any capital letters they will be poured a drink from The Tower by the collective playing body.

6. upon the objectives being completed and the game ending players must line up like they do at the end of a little kid’s soccer game, high five each other, and say “good game.”

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