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I came across an absolutely WILD story, about a wee girl who’s parents were being questioned for her murder. Ok, yes, there are plenty of (and terribly so) stories of parents murdering their kids. And it’s probably good to get this whole notion out of the dark, front and center: it is royally, maybe even more than royally, messed up, disgusting, upsetting, wrong, illegal, etc., to kill, and that only intensifies in fucked up levels exponentially if it’s your child. BUT, I’m going to write about it anyways, because this kid died of SEVERE lice. Let me give that breaking news its own line to emphasize the importance of this story:

This kid died of severe lice.

So let’s just take a moment to reflect here on this situation. First of all, her parents are being charged for second degree murder of neglecting their child. Second of all, the New York Times broke this story. Third of all, why did her parents not shave her head? I mean Caillou made it out being practically the coolest kid on the block with no hair! And, there are ways to shave hair without owning a razor! I think! Bottle of Nair, waxing strips, straight razor. That’s not to say that using these methods wouldn’t also result in a situation of child neglecting, but they certainly didn’t need to be immediately moved from the drawing boar

But I think there is a larger problem here. This kid had lice, on and off, for THREE YEARS. THREE FUCKING YEARS! As a parent, how do you allow that to happen?
Like maybe stop putting that nit ridden hat on your kid for a fun photo every first Thursday of the month to measure her growth on that tiny back closet wall in the downstairs bathroom because that hat’s got lice!

Or maybe it was a bad idea after all to decide to breed lice and allow your daughter into the lice breeding lab while you didn’t have her proper size of lice protection gear at the time, knowing that she has an extreme fascination with allowing the lice to, as she calls it, “run through the hair like dogs running through a field of grass”.
Ha! Another suggestion: maybe don’t open up that antique hat shop in the back of that old dump that you wanted to, and allow your daughter to run her once-a-month lemonade stand which also markets and advertises the old hats and their fellow lice companions, with that new, “buy one get lice, too,” coupon.

I mean all of these situations seem completely avoidable if I were the parent in this situation. I simply would just stop allowing my kid to have sleepovers solely with the one kid in their class that has lice because I know my kid loves to sleep inside the same oversized shirt with her lice friend which clearly is a spreading problem. Or maybe if we just normalized lice, or bald children, we wouldn’t have these issues in the first place?

All jokes aside, it is pretty terrible that this little girl died from lice, and it was because her parents erred on the line of “NAH, we ain’t dealin’”. So, take care of yo lice, bitches, before it takes care of you. g

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