haunt me?

by sophiespencer

sophie spencer

Like some people want a dog, I want a ghost. 

Not a scary ghost, 

throwing tables and chairs and knives, 

but a friendly one-—think Casper. 

My ghost would leave me little fridge notes,

*note to self: buy scrabble magnets*

reminding me to turn off the oven

unplug the kettle

water the plants

water myself.

My ghost would tell me to have a nice day,

to be brave and resilient and to not take shit from anyone.

My ghost would be such a lovely feminist.

My ghost would have to listen to me talking to myself,

but then again, 

am i talking to myself if I have a ghost listener?

One ghost audience member?

No “applause” sign necessary, ghosts don’t clap in a dimension we can understand, anyway. 

Plus, to my ghost, 

I am hilarious. 

The way I describe my every action is thrilling. 

My singing can cure ghost illness with a single note.

I want a ghost who would fold my laundry, 

socks inside each other, 

underwear in a pile (even ghosts don’t fold underwear),

shirts and pants folded to please Marie Kondo. 

I want a nice ghost, a fun ghost. 

So hey, if you’re a ghost out there reading this,

possibly over my shoulder, 

would you haunt me?

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