perforated shoes

by mikehock

Sun falls low on the horizon down, as autumn falls on this simple town

I turn my head away from the chilling sky, just to meet a man, just another guy

Upper body clad with the typical frat garb, khakis, Patagonia and a lack of a scarf.

Something drew my eyes to the surface of the ground and to say the least I was a little astounded.

I saw the camo crocs that have haunted me in my sleep, I have been counting clogs when I should be counting sheep.

Those holey boat shoes are some I will never forget, the night after they came, my wife had left

Gone were the kids and the puppy dogs too, just because of crocs, just a quantity of two.

The man with camo crocs had shown my wife some things I couldn’t do, I was cuckolded out and right by some perforated shoes.

Categories: creative, october 6, 2020

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