top four top five seltzer lists list

by jayceslesar

Here it is guys, what you’ve all been waiting for.  The Jayce Seltzer Tier List.  Non-alcoholic seltzers only and parent/guardian approved.  You’re welcome.  My list is a little different, as in only OG Seltzer brands and flavors, none of that lacrocks hint of misty irish waterfall flavor bullshit.  We’re talking grapefruit, lime, lemon, mandarin, plain etc.  And only the original brands too, Polar, Canada Dry, store brand, and Sprite.  Here goes nothing, fellow seltzer lovers.  The table is ordered by brand and then the top 5 flavors of each.

  1. Sprite
    1. McDonald’s Sprite (absolutely the best)
    2. 2 liter (room for debate maybe)
    3. Cold lil bottle from hotdog stands (pretty fire)
    4. Sprite Cranberry (really good)
    5. Canned (it works in a pinch)

Honorable worst flavor: Sprite in clear bottle

  1. Polar
    1. Grapefruit. (Not even a question you don’t get to disagree)
    2. Cranberry Lime (super wicked ultra mega good flavor)
    3. Plain (if it is ice cold it hits, otherwise a super versatile seltzer flavor)
    4. Lime
    5. Pomegranate (easier to eat this than a pomegranate)

     Honorable worst flavor: Lemon, lemon sucks guys

  1. Store Brand
    1. Grapefruit (it is store brand relax)
    2. Lime (it is store brand relax)
    3. Lemon (it is store brand relax)
    4. Plain (it is store brand relax)
    5. Tall Cold Lime Bottle (actually the best)

Honorable worst flavor: Raspberry (this stuff is ass in all brands)

  1. Canada Dry
    1. Cranberry Ginger Ale (It is my list not yours I decide what’s on it)
    2. Lemon Lime (kinda like watered down Sprite)
    3. Mandarin (This mandarin is gas)
    4. Pomegranate Cherry (Something no other brands have its cool)
    5. Triple Berry (low-key trash)

In conclusion, this is my list so if you don’t like it write your own.  This is my seltzer world and you are just living in it.

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